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hostels in the Bieszczady

Youth hostels are an alternative for all young people who want to take a trip to some interesting places, or on holiday break and are looking for cheap accommodation, where conditions are at least bearable. Those are in shelters need to get used to having to share one common bathroom with a dozen people, and from the dorm rooms (can sometimes happen even so, that you stayed in a room with people who do not even know.) For a young man but they are not any big obstacles - mainly consists of the possibility of adventure and to live with friends.
Youth hostels in the Bieszczady Mountains and the most operative, currently there are several. Each is refurbished, renovated and addition to the standard, several persons rooms with bunk beds, the rooms offer a higher standard for a small number of people. Well maintained and modern sanitary facilities, like kitchen guests staying at the hostel and the room - a standard in Zakopane hostels. Most importantly, the prices are more attractive so that no resorts in the Bieszczady Mountains, could not pierce them.
If you still do not have an idea for a holiday gather your friends and come to the Bieszczady Mountains. Place in a youth hostel always be found, so you need not worry about that, you'll have to sleep under the stars.

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Aljanówka Bieszczady

Komańcza 333/1
38-543 Komańcza